Operate Now Heart Surgery Game

operate now heart surgery game

Operate on a little boy and attempt to perform a successful heart transplant procedure using all the various surgical tools you would use in real life as a surgeon. The game is fun to play and has an easy learning curve meaning you should be able to transplant the heart before the time runs out!

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Operate Now: Heart Surgery – A by-the-books, no-frills heart surgery simulator

Dabbles With Medicine

As someone that was this close to getting into medical school (I have my hands held out in front of me with negligible width between them right now, trust me) not too long ago, I have always had an interest in the medical profession. My fondness for surgery beyond the glossy and wildly inaccurate scenes of Greys Anatomy was never all that strong, however, since it was haematology that once interested me enough to consider a career in that field. Though the years have passed and the bitterness about my almost-success has sweetened slightly, my love for all things medicine still manifests itself in many ways, though the main two are watching episodes of House MD in epic, several-hour sessions and also playing surgery games in a sort of ‘this is what you could have won’ kind of way. You see? No bitterness at all. Anyway, less digression from me and more getting to the point will furnish you with the knowledge that Operate Now: Heart Surgery is one in a line of SpilGames’ brilliant surgical procedure series that puts you right at the heart of the operation room and literally in the heart of the patient.

Budget Med-School Training

Your entry into the flash-powered operating theatre begins with meeting the patient and performing some basic diagnostic tests in a step-by-step style that continues throughout the game, the computer holding your hand (in a figurative sense) the whole time by giving you written instructions on every single step to take. After confirming your diagnosis, the procedure begins which involves pretty much more of the same procedure: picking from a huge range of dangerous medical instruments and utilising them by clicking in the indicated spaces, dragging scalpels along pre-marked lines, and cauterising veins should they bleed too much. The gameplay is considerably more forgiving than fellow operation game series Amateur Surgeon, though it must be pointed out that the operation must be performed within the time limit and you must not allow the patient’s heart rate to get too low. Cutting in the wrong place or picking the wrong items will also hurt your patient, but because of the ongoing tutorial-like instructions, this should happen very rarely.

Solid But Not Scintillating

Though the game is a fine example of a solid, entertaining, and to-the-point surgery title, the whole thing at times feels a little too straightforward. It is almost impossible to fail at the operation unless you really take your time or purposely ignore the instructions given, and the lack of multiple levels means that you only get to operate on one patient, albeit in a harder difficulty once you have completed regular mode.

The game’s visual style is also a little unimaginative and looks like a standard game made with flash with little variation in textures and lots of solid lines and flat colours. The game doesn’t have anywhere near the distinctive visual appeal of say Dark Cut 3, whose appearance is unmistakable from a mile away. The plain design and fairly straightforward gameplay aside, Operate Now: Heart Surgery still gives you the opportunity to involve yourself in a life-or-death operation which can’t be faulted for it self-explanatory and decidedly linear progression.