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Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a devilishly difficult game. Not only that, but it is chock full of Easter eggs and hidden content, too! Here I’ll run through some gameplay tips and how to unlock additional levels on which you can perfect your malpractice on an extraterrestrial patient.

If you’re not exactly sure where to make an incision or how to proceed, Surgeon Simulator 2013 gives you certain visual clues - a light bit of shading here and some creases there - in order to guide you through the procedure. They’re present in every operation, but they may take some training to spot.

The tools on your table are less subtle clues on how to proceed. If you have the choice between a saw and a hammer, then it’s obvious you need to remove something - but the presence of the hammer also lets you know that it’s possible to succeed without being incredibly careful.

You’re not given a great deal of instruction. You’re basically told how to operate your limb and the rest is for you to figure out. If you’re stuck, don’t discount anything that’s within your reach. Even pencils can be used to free up certain hard-to-remove organs, and they don’t even cause bleeding.

Be sure also to explore around your office. There’s a computer there that can be interacted with as well as several objects on your desk. This is a game that rewards exploration and experimentation greatly, both inside and outside of the operating theatre.

Given your character’s decidedly awful hand to eye coordination, using syringes can be a dangerous experience. You’re extremely likely to end up injecting yourself rather than your patient. If this does happen to you, note that the two syringes counteract either each - so if you stab yourself with the green, quickly try to reverse it with the blue, and vice versa.

While you’re at your desk, place the red floppy disk into your computer. You’ll be able to play a game called Deep Dungeons of Doom, which is also a Bossa Studios Creation, within Surgeon Simulator 2013. A nifty bit of creative advertising. You’ll also notice that there’s a clock in every mission (as well as your character’s watch) which shows the real time - just in case you were a little too engrossed and needed to be somewhere.

Fans of TF2 will get particular enjoyment out of one of the surgeries, which has you operating on the beloved Heavy character.

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Different Ways to Operate

Surgeon Simulator 2013 lets you complete operations in several different ways. If you’re struggling to operate the electric saw during a heart transplant (or you’ve clumsily dropped it out of reach), you can resort to using the hammer instead. If you’re struggling to remove a kidney, consider prodding it with a tool until it becomes more accessible. The heart transplant can be achieved much quicker if you only remove half of the rib cage and one of the lungs - it just requires some creative cutting.

If you are struggling to know what to do next, don’t be afraid to take a step back and think about less traditional options and ideas. You might be surprised at just how free the game allows you to be.

If you’re aiming for fast times, then you nearly always need to make use of the ‘proper’ tools as these will make it possible to work on your patient with minimal blood loss in most cases, often foregoing the need to use the green syringe completely.

If you need to shut off the laser in a hurry, the power box has an emergency shut off button that you can push or smack or throw something at to turn it off.

If your patient’s blood loss is spiralling out of control, remember that it doesn’t matter where you ‘inject’ the green syringe. You can mash it into their face, if you have to - it works with the same effectiveness regardless.

Mission Focus

The ambulance missions can be intensely frustrating. Fresh organs can go flying out of the back before you’ve even had a chance to get started. There are a few ways to mitigate potential problems, though. First, if the ambulance starts to sway, stop what you’re doing and stand still. Don’t be afraid to throw things out of the ambulance if you don’t need them again, this reduces the risk of them flying into your patient later on.

In the space missions, remember that things will want to float away. At the start of a transplant surgery, make sure that you close the organ box before you start!

Once you’ve completed all surgeries, a mysterious black floppy disk will appear on your desk. Insert it into your computer and you’ll be taken to space, where you have to operate in space. When you’ve completed them, go back into the space brain surgery level, and find a keypad to the right of your patient. Enter ‘296145’ with your character’s hand and you’ll be taken back to your desk. You’ll notice that a VHS tape with an odd label has appeared. Insert it and you’ll pass out, waking up next to another keypad. This time enter ‘4948’ and you’ll unlock a series of transplants on an alien with radically different physiology. There are 6 more levels here, and completing them all will unlock the achievement; ‘Best Surgeon in the Universe.’ Enjoy!

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